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MA, Shastri, Marriage Celebrant Minister of Hindu Religion. Kirtan & Kathakar

Shri Pdt. Nrayan Bhatt is son of the famous Pujari,  Pdt. Jaidev Bhatt and was born in the state of Uttaranchal, India . He has always followed the foot steps of His father. He brings with him rich heritage of Kurmanchal and western Nepal.  He obtained his Uttar Madhyama and Shastri degrees from the Sampurnanand University of Varanashi in 1986 and 1989 respectively. He has also obtained a masters degree (MA) in Sanskrit from the Gurkul University of Haridwar.

He has studied Vedas, Upanishadas, Ramayan, Gita, Chanda Shasras, Kavya Shasrtas and other related Sanskrit literature. He narrates beautiful katha of Ramayan, Bhagwatam and  Devi Bhagwatam. Shri Narayan ji has always had a passion for music and in 1989 he was awarded a Diploma in vocal music and Tabla. He is very good at playing Tabla and Harmonium.

Shri Bhatt ji has also completed practical Training of Karmakanda of various sanskars and Anusthans conducted by the ministry of Human Resources in India. He is a Marriage Celebrant and conducts all kinds of Satwik Anusthans. For example Katha, Bhajans, Shodash Sanskaars etc. He has been living a priestly-hood life since his teenage days. Pdt Narayan Bhatt has served the Hindu community of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra since his arrival in Australia. He speaks fluent Hindi, English, Nepali, Gujarati and Sanskrit languages.

He has helped and guided numerous organisations to achieve their aims and objectives from time to time and founded ‘Hindu Heritage Society Inc’, a charitable organisation dedicated to promote Education, Arts and Hindu Religious Heritage. The organisation is working towards promoting the values of Hinduism in Australia and has a strong and dedicated team of people. Hindu Heritage Society Inc is growing and has been well received by the community under his guidance and the guidance of the Almighty God.

Pt. Bhatt can be contacted as follows:

Tel. 61 2 9600 7815, Mobile: 0430 338 770

Emails: [email protected]