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Justice of the Peace NSW, Authorised Marriage Celebrant, Minister of Hindu Religion

Secretary, Hindu Heritage Society
V.P. – Sanatan Dharm B.P. Maha Sabha. Sydney

Pt Jagdish Maharaj is the son of the late Shri Parmeshwar Dutt Maharaj and the late Shrimati Jasoda Maharaj, both devout Sanatanis. He is the grandson of Pt Gajadhar Maharaj, who came to Fiji under the indenture system in 1914 from Ayodhya in India and had a similar stint earlier in Rangoon, Burma and Natal, South Africa.

Pundit Jagdishji was born in Nasinu, a suburb of the capital city Suva. He is the fifth child of his parents and one of the four brothers. It is sad to note that he has lost his two elder brothers – the late Shri Ambika Maharaj and the late Shri Satish Maharaj. His younger brother Shri Rajendra Maharaj who lives in Monterey, California, USA is also a practicing priest and a marriage celebrant. Of his three sisters, the eldest Bimla lives in Nasinu, Fiji and the second eldest Rajni and the youngest Sushila live in Sydney, Australia.

Punditji is supported by his wife Prem Maharaj and children Aanant, Anmol, Sangeeta and Swaran together with their spouses and grandchildren in his endeavour.

He is a keen scholar of Hindi and Sanskrit and is well versed in the Ramayana and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita. He has a good command and deep understanding of these Shastras. He is committed to preaching and promoting the Sanatan Dharam and conducts all forms of pooja and yagna. He performed his very first Satya Narayan Katha and Hanumanji Roth poojan at the age of 14 years.

Punditji is a well-respected public speaker; he is also the co-founder of the Hindu Heritage Society Inc., a charitable organization which is working towards promoting the values and heritage of Hinduism in Australia. Punditji is the co-author of numerous pooja texts and is the editor of Divya Darshan, a quarterly magazine published by The Hindu Heritage Society.
Currently he is the Secretary of the Hindu Heritage Society Inc. and Vice President of the Sanatan Dharm Brahman Purohit Maha Sabha of Australia. Punditji has served the Hindu community of Sydney with distinction, dedication and devotion since his arrival here with his family in 1992 and continues to offer his services to the community with pride.

Pt. Jagdish Maharaj can be contacted as follows:

Tel: 02 9896 5156  Mobile: 0412 931 965