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Our aim is to build an online collection of Hinduism.

About the project

Hindu tradition was carried out as a Guru Shishya Parampara since its inception. Our gurus war mobile libraries and they had all the needed knowledge in their vast memory.

The times have changed and we are in 21st century where knowledge became more complicated then it was previously. Our great Rishis had realised it earlier and the knowledge is written in several scripts. We started from Vedic Sanskrit and then in Sanskrit. After some time it has borne several languages and now we have Hindu literature available in various languages. HRL will gradually produce the original scripts for our readers in the future, however, the links in this site will be most likely in the English language.

We invite students, professionals, scholars to contribute in this project as per their capacity. We aim to make this project like a one stop shop – one click and you get all.

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Please send your positive comments or feedback to improve our online collection. Thank you.