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“HINDU HERITAGE SOCIETY Inc” is a charitable organisation which has a very warm support from the community and has a good number of dedicated members. It was founded to propagate and enrich our religious heritage in Australia and the South Pacific.

Heritage means preserving one’s religion, arts, culture and inherited properties (values). Hindus have a very rich historic heritage in countries they have settled in such as America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, many African Nations, England, Malaysia, and Singapore etc. This is evident by the retention of that rich heritage by the people from Hindu origin of South Asian countries (SAARC) which include India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. In the past HHS has successfully organised religious and cultural activities such as:

  • Kumbh Milan in 1999.
  • Sarva Dharma Prarthna Samelan (all religion seminar where Hindus, Jainis, Buddhists,and Shikha have participated and was one of the unique in Australia.
  • Shri Krishna Leela in 2000.

HHS has also rendered help to the earthquake victims in Gujrat India in 2001, Hurricane Katrina appeal in 2005, Cyclone Yasi 2011 in Fiji, April 2015 Nepal earthquake and joined with other religious organisations for the inter faith prayer offered to the victims of the bombing incident in America.

Present activities of Hindu Heritage Society and some of our achievements:

In its short history, The Hindu Heritage Society Inc. has come a long way in achieving some of its goals, as laid out in its Aims and Objectives. A legally constituted charitable organization, with a comprehensive constitution to guide us, our executive members have, with the willing contribution from our members, devotees and volunteers, achieved a lot of success.

  • Annual Events: The Society organizes three annual functions; Saraswati Poojan, Guru Purnima (Sanskrit Diwas celebration) and Devi Jagran.
  • Magazine: “Divya Darshan” – the Societies flagship quarterly magazine publication.
  • Publications: The Society has published these booklets; FAQ in Hinduism; Shri Satya Narayan Vrat Katha; Saral Bhajnaavali, Panchdev pujan Vidhi. Other booklets are in various stages of being compiled. We also produced a duel CD with simple daily routine puja and bhajans.
  • Cultural: Religious, language and music classes on demand.
  • Communal: Our service to community through personal involvement, such as Justice of the Peace services and marriage advisory services.
  • Charitable: Donations to NGOs and funds such as Earth Quake, Tsunami, Fire and Flood disasters.
  • Unity: Association with other organizations to promote culture and Education. HHS is presently associated with HCA (Hindu Council of Australia).
  • Purohit Services: Religious / purohit services by members of the Society. All Hindu rites including Sanskaars, Weddings,  poojan, Bhajan and katha parayan. Priority service for members of the HHS.
  • Trust Fund: Hindu Heritage Society Trust Fund has been established to help donors get Tax benefits with their donations to HHS Inc.
  • Membership: Membership of the Society is NOT exclusive – one can remain a member of another Mandali or organization and yet become a member of the HHS. You have the choice of being a Life, Active or an associate member.

Literally hundreds of children and youth have participated in our Vasant Panchami celebration of Saraswati poojan. Those starting school or sitting for examinations have taken part in this event to seek Mata Saraswati’s blessings.

Guru Purnima and Sanskriti Diwas celebrations since 2001 has had  exhibitions of our Rishis and patrons of Hindu religion;108 Shivlinga Abhishekam; Vishnu Sahastra Naam – 1008 divine names recital of Lord Vishnu by 108 families and 108 Kundi Maha Yagya. In 2009 society organised 1,111 Hanuman Chalisa recital and around 500 people attend the function.2010 Society organised Panchdev Maha Yagya for over 4 days and in 2011 we have organised Shri Hari Gita Gyan maha yagya.

Every year we come up with a new theme to enrich our heritage and we have successfully organised Shri Lalita Sahastra Naam recital in 2017

Our Navratri celebrations have seen the replica Vaishno Devi Gufa erected in Sydney for two years in a row. Devotees have partaken in Devi poojan, bhajan, archana, aarti and havan for their Navratri Durga pooja.

HHS members have donated Prasad and Maha Prasad for each of these events.
We do not live on our laurels, we still have a long way to go and with the grace of the almighty Lord, we will fulfil our dreams.
Some of the long time aims (dreams) harboured by our hard working committee are to one day achieve these:
  • To be able to serve all persons of Hindu faith, beyond their  sect, denomination and country they belong to.
  • Promote Hindu Heritage and Culture within Australia and Pacific.
  • Establish Help centers  in all capital cities of Australia.
  • Priority based religious service to our members.
  • Far fetched as it may seem, to bring Unity among all members of the Hindu faith.
  • To establish a Community Centre in Sydney (and later in other major cities) for religious propagation/ social functions.

The HHS is doing its share to promote Hindu culture for the people of Hindu origin in Australia.


  • We extend our gratitude towards all those who have and continue to provide their moral, financial and physical support to the Society.
  • HHS thanks all donors for their donations including Library books.
  • HHS extends its sincere thanks to our web management team members headed by Anil Doma for their valuable advice and efforts on designing, updating and publishing this web site.
  • We also thank all the Devotees who took part in and continue to support our activities.
  • Special thanks to all past and present volunteer Executive Committee members who have spent numerous hours of their time in running the HHS and organizing all the events.
  • HHS recognizes the efforts of the Special Advisory Committee members, who have provided invaluable service in times of need.
  • All the media and social media, including radio and print, deserve our thanks for the promotion of our activities.
  • We welcome new members to the Society